It all started when...

A group of people who love Jesus came together on Sunday August 3rd, 2008 at the Wedding Place in Clayton, North Carolina to have church. And church we did have! Our first Sunday, we had 22 people in our service and God has blessed us beyond belief! During this first year we have an average of 36 people per Sunday. This has been truly an answer to prayer, it was like it was designed for us. We met for probably two or three months and did not have a name for the church. Preacher Charlie had always planned on naming the church Broken Wing Fellowship after the song that Durwood Hargis wrote. Preacher Charlie presented the name to the church and it was unanimous, our church from then on would be known as Broken Wing Fellowship Church with the phrase "Only Jesus can heal a broken wing."

In may of 2010, Broken Wing Fellowship Church became an official church by being accepted into the Cape Fear Conference of Original Free Will Baptist. This was a very important day for our church, we brought 38 Charter Members in the Free Will Baptist Denomination. God continues to bless our church. We currently have a youth department for all ages, a Ladies Auxiliary as well as a Laymen's League.

We are a loving, caring church who loves visitors and love to serve our Lord. Our philosophy is simple, we are tough on sin but easy on the sinner. We don't claim to be contemporary or traditional, we just want to serve the Lord and Praise Him in all we do, we praise Him when we sing the good ole fashion hymns and when we sing the new ones, we believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and all Scripture is God's Word. So if you do not have a church home come and worship with us.